Hearty leadership

Reasoning leads to conclusion. Emotion leads to action.-William Magee

More and more, concern and the metrics of what really constitutes effective and authentic leadership is shifting away from the leadership models that emphasize techniques and tactics, to principle-based leadership. This is what we are increasingly referring to as heart-based leadership. Leading with conviction, trampling on the rules to serve, forgetting about results, failing to obsess about credit, and focusing on nothing other than service, contribution, providing insane value. This is the challenge of leadership without ego.

Leadership is essentially about finding the principles that drive you. Attitude, positive mindedness and other host of powerful positive living factors complement it. If you believe in it, no one needs to convince you that it will work out.

The heart is the seat of human power. It is the capacity for human ingenuity. It understands the brilliance of cleverness and the magical power of kindness, of creating compelling connections.

Heart-based leadership is about understanding the need to manifest the awareness of human potential. Manifesting passion for purpose. Being fixated on the right thing, not the most fashionable or the most complex. It is the pain of focus. The understanding of the value of what you value.


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