To win, make art.

He who works with his hand is a laborer. He who works with his hand and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hand, his head and his heart is an artist

– St. Francis of Assisi

We were created not to endure life, but to prize it, to celebrate it, to make it art that does something to others. We must make life art, because works of art are the windows to see souls. Each one of us has the responsibility to awaken and realize that our lives are purposeful crafted artworks. Art is a commitment to being authentic, it is a devotion to continue crafting excellent pieces regardless of who it is for, pouring your heart and soul and becoming one with your works.

Art is what we make when we act as human and not small machines. Art is about generosity and sparking human connections. Art is about acting outside the rulebook. It is about awakening to the wonder of our creativity. Each one of us is a creative being. Art is not about being told what to do, it is about nominating yourself to give directions, to show the future.

Art is the platform for amateurs, for start-ups, for bold imaginations and exciting dreams. Art is the calling for the underdogs. Art is about understanding that there is nothing right or wrong. There is no room for being angry. There is only room to create, to immerse yourself deeper. Artists know that they do not paint all the paintings that they are afraid they will fail to paint.

Artist do not play safe. Artists are scared, and so they are always pushing the envelope. Art is personal and vulnerable. Artists are always willing to put their art into the world and let the world react to it. Art evokes emotions. Artists learn, evolve, redefine themselves, and always make art. Artists understand that art is not for everyone.


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