Leaders affirm.

Most fail because of lack of confidence.

“Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. What a man thinks of himself, that is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate.” — Henry David Thoreau

“He can inspire a group only if he himself is filled with confidence and hope of success.” — Floyd V. Filson

Leadership essentially is about growing potential of followers by equipping them with attitudes and perspectives that transforms them into leaders. People want to lead. People want to make a difference by birthing out into the world beautiful work that matters. The greatest impediment to the growth of leadership is the rise of insecure leaders. It is without a doubt that without confidence leadership ceases to be. Self-confidence is the rock foundation on which leadership is built. Confidence makes leaders mature in their relationships, not afraid to be vulnerable, to embrace the new, untried, untested, not afraid to accept mistakes and apologize, not afraid to let others take charge and give them credit.

Confidence enables leaders to embrace possibilities, knowing that they can always accomplish anything that they set their minds on. Confidence allows leaders to embrace their weirdness, and they use it as a mark of beauty and charm. They use humor to put things into perspective and to laugh out pressure and stress. Most of us all, confidence allows leaders to be exemplary human beings because they are not afraid to think for themselves. It connects them to their purpose, to their inspiration, it reminds them of who they are and what they stand for; who they serve. Confidence allows leaders to affirm others. Leaders reinforce their positions, the more they risk their positions by living their values and growing better leaders.

The function of leadership is that others should greatly trust in themselves.  People trust in a good leader, but a great leader makes people trust in themselves. Leadership is about speaking potential and possibilities in others until they begin to see it in themselves. In the world so many fail not because they are less of anything, but because they perceive less of themselves. Winners are those who can control their emotions. Leaders understand that followers never conquer beyond the failings of their leaders.


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