The cave of making

The poet doesn’t invent. He listens.
— Jean Cocteau

I’m more interested in what I discover
than what I invent.
— Paul Simon

It is without doubt that one can unravel powerful and beautiful things if only you allow yourself to get lost. The call to being an artist is the call to heed the demand to go deep. The call to being a success is a call to trap yourself. As the stratagems put it; remove the ladder when the enemy as ascended the roof. It is terrifying to imagine that all you have to  do is stand up and move. That while moving, something calls you. It beckons to you, that it is there. Remember, only things left by those who hustle are found by those who sit.

To live is to be terrified. Life was meant to be lived on the high wires, the rest is just waiting. It is okay to make mistakes, and most times to create crap, because sometimes you will do what is right and create something beautiful and impactful. But you can’t create genius, if you do not create the space. Pablo Picasso said it so well, “inspiration will come, but it has to find you working”. If you put yourself out there, somethings gotta give.

You can never let yourself not strive,not toil, not create your craft and perfect your mastery.


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