Affirmations for family

No matter what you've done for yourself

Every day I give thanks for my wonderful family.

Every person in my family is healthy and happy.

I allow great experiences to enrich my children’s lives.

I allow my children the freedom to be themselves.

I always respond to my spouse (name) and children with patience and love.

I always treat my spouse and children with love and understanding.

My actions, thoughts and words inspire my children to be role models.

I am setting a great example for my children.

I maintain peace and calm when speaking to members of my family.

I am immensely proud of my children.

I am providing my children with a brilliant future.

My family is in support of my ambitions and goals.

I enjoy that I am raising children who are happy and optimistic.

There is peace and harmony in my family.

My confidence and optimism brings out the best in my children and partner.

My partner and I are always in agreement about what is best for our children.

I am loved and respected by my spouse and children.

I am communicating honestly and lovingly with my spouse and children every moment.

I focus on love in my family as I manage family dramas.

I enjoy spending time with my spouse and children.

I am in love with the feeling of being with child.

I love that my children are becoming more independent.

I instill empowering beliefs to my children.

I am always listening intently to my spouse and children when they speak.

I am loved and accepted by my parents for who I AM and all that I AM.

I am grateful for the experiences and lessons that I have learned in my family.

I am considerate of the feelings of my family.

My siblings and I are always close and supportive of each other.

I inculcate values and discipline in my children in a loving way.

I encourage and bless all the talents that my children have.

I am seeing the world through the frames of my children and I enjoy their sense of wonder and joy.

I have a home that is full of joy and peace.

I have confidence in the strengths and coping abilities of my children.

I am loved by my parents unconditionally and I release anger.

I choose this day to enjoy the life and presence of my children.

It is okay to hold beliefs that are different from my parents.

I easily discuss sex and birth control with my children.

My love for my children helps them to refrain from peer pressure.

My family is a source of continued joy.

I’m continually becoming closer to my mom.

I’m continually becoming closer to my dad.

My kind words help to bring the family together.

I’m able to afford instructional classes for my children.

My children always return safely to me.

My family and I always remain safe.

My family friends and I are all receiving abundance now.

Being adopted is part of my path.

My children and spouse trust me to come and openly share.

Dear Energy Source/Creator/Universe, please send loving light, success, great health and happiness to [name of relative] today.

I am grateful for my relationships and for the lessons of the heart that [name] brings to my life.

I open my ears and my heart, listening for the truth behind the words.


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